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New Roof and Solar go hand in hand

(Drone footage by: David McBee)

I know what you must be thinking. Why should I let you talk me into getting a new roof when all I wanted was Solar?

Let me say this louder for those in the back…. Solar Installers are not Roofers!

Most solar installs are installed improperly due to retrofit applications*.

These are some photos of their typical "process".

*(A Retrofit Application is when solar footings are installed after the shingles are installed)

Solar companies, unless otherwise stated, will not know how to correctly fix a leak that they caused.

We have seen a few jobs where mastic was poured down customers roof, further damaging their roof with their “temporary” fix.

(Yes we are also on Tiktok)

Is your roof too old for solar?

If your roof is over 10 years old then it must have at least 25 years left for a solar install*. You should schedule a roof inspection (cough… cough… with Advanced Tech Roofing) to ensure that your roof is still in good enough condition for Solar Panel installation. *(Solar panels can last 25 to 30 years)

Things get tricky when Solar Contractors* don’t advise homeowners that they need a new roof. Most are afraid to loose the solar job to someone else. *Not all Companies are like this. They install this brand new energy system on an aging or damaged roof, usually resulting in the homeowners having to have the solar company come back and temporarily take it down while the new roof is installed. (double the work, double the money.