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5 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Spring

Spring has arrived, and it's time for some much-needed spring cleaning. But don't forget about your roof as you clean the shelves and arrange your closets! One of your home's most crucial structural elements is your roof, which requires year-round maintenance.

Here are five ways you can get your roof ready for spring:

Clean Your Gutters:

All kinds of debris can accumulate during the winter and result in serious problems including water damage and roof leaks. For this reason, it's essential to remove any debris from your gutters and downspouts in order to ensure that water can drain off your roof.

Trust me, your roof will thank you for it!

Trim Overhanging Branches:

It's essential to trim any overhanging branches before they can cause damage to your roof. Strong winds and heavy snow can cause branches to break off and damage your roof. By trimming overhanging branches, you can prevent any potential damage.