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Why You Should NOT Skip The Inspection...

In this real estate market, waiving inspections to win the house is common.

Is it worth it? Ultimately no.

You should at least know what you are walking into.

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment you will make.

You might be tempted to remove any conditions from the purchase offer—including the roof inspection—so your bid wins however, hiring a roofing professional provides essential information about the property's value.

Shouldn't you know if your "new" roof needs repairs or a replacement. That could be a very costly additive to your purchase.

You need a Roof Inspection. Your roof is your first line of defense against the weather, protecting your family. Whether or not you're buying a newer home, an inspector will be able to tell you if the roof was installed properly and explain any maintenance needs.

Many insurance companies will ask for information on the condition of your roof before they will be able to quote a homeowners policy. Your coverage may vary based on the age of your roof. If the seller offers you a report covering the home's overall condition, ask for an independent inspection. They will provide specific details that may help you avoid future surprises, such as the roof leaking after you move in.

What are they looking for?

A thorough inspection should take just a few hours or less, and could save you from surprises. Your roof inspector will look for signs of damage such as obvious leaks, Dry Rot on the over hangs, any missing or loose shingles, rust, curling shingles, sagging or bald spots where granules are missing.

That is just a few items from the list but the inspector may also enter the home in search of leaks or water damage by going into the attic.

They also ensure debris aren't clogging the gutters and check that waterspouts drain away from the house. If you have a flat roof, your inspector will look for signs of sagging and see whether the membrane is damaged. These issues can lead water leaks in the future.

What Should You Ask?

Real Estate Agent: Is my Roof inspector allowed to go inside of the house?

When was the last roof Inspection?

Can I have a copy of that report?

Ask your Inspector:

How long the process will take?

Do I need to be with you?

Will you send me an itemized list of your findings?

What If it does need repaired? If the inspector finds that the roof needs repair or replacement, they will be able to estimate the cost on site, or provide a quote later that day. A Thorough Inspection will help you ease your mind when purchasing this investment. If your inspector raises concerns you will be able to get a itemized report that you might be able to help negotiate the seller's price. Sometimes sellers will prefer do the work before to the sale. Getting a roof inspection ultimately pays off, because you'll understand the true condition of one of your home's most important features before you move in.

Be an informed customer! Don't be afraid to ask questions!

We hope this post helped you in some way.

I’ll leave our contact info below. You know… just in case.


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At this current time, Advanced Tech Roofing does NOT OFFER FREE INSPECTIONS unless otherwise stated.


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