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If you live in a county that's affected by Title 24, look no further.

We offer GAF shingles that can be used to comply with Title 24 cool roof requirements. That means you get value, performance, and reliability in a genuine wood-shake look — plus potential cooling energy savings!


                                    Because cool roofs save both money and energy, in October 2005 they became part

                                    of the prescriptive requirements of California's energy code, the Title 24 Building

                                    Energy Efficiency Standards. 


Why are they your best choice for a stylish roof in California?

  • Many styles and colors to choose from

  • Several options to meet your budget

  • Listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for use in Title 24 projects

  • Potential rebates

  • May help save on cooling costs

Available in California

**Savings depend on various factors including, but not limited to, climate zone, utility rates, location, and HVAC equipment efficiency.


Note: It is difficult to reproduce the color clarity and actual color blends of these products. Before selecting your color, please ask to see several full-size shingles.

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